Pernille Tranberg offers three different talks. You are welcome to ask for a combination. Here is her TedX-talk (2013) aimed at individuals. Here is a newer version of digital selfdefense (2016). Here is her MyData-talk (2016) aimed at companies in Helsinki, a longer talk on big data and ethics in Warsaw (2015), her talk on data ethics at WMC the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona 2017 and on data ethics at My Data in Tallinn Sept 2017.

Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage


This talk about data ethics deals with how privacy and the individual’s right to control own data will become a competitive advantage. It shows how privacy is developing into a social responsibility just as it is being green today, and how this can enhance digital trust. The talk will give an overview of consumer trends when it comes to personal data, and how consumers not only worry about their lack of privacy, but also have begun to act on the worry. Lots of concrete best practice company cases will show that the new market for privacy tech and data ethical conduct is about to bloom. The talk will also zoom in on the new data protection law from the EU, and how it can be used constructively in stead of being regarded as a hindrance to growth and innovation.

It is based on the book DataEthics – The New Competitive Advantage written by Pernille Tranberg and Gry Hasselbalch from October 2016.

Buy and see reviews etc. on the English version

Digital Self-Defense


Do you ever imagine who knows what about you when in the digital world? That everything you do is tracked online and via apps and that it can make you vulnerable and an easy target for discrimination, price differentiation or exclusion? When you search, email, keep contact, track your health or fertility it is often ‘free’. But you pay with your data – and the price is unknown. Companies collect, analyze and often resell your data such as you interests, taste, religion, age, political opinion, health, sexual orientation, friends etc. It is all part of an explosive industry called big data. But as with everything else there is good and bad sides of it all.

This talk will give you an idea about what to be aware of in your digital behavior:

  • Understand big data and get good and bad examples of use of big data.
  • Why you need to protect you digital identity and reputation online and what the consequences can be if you don’t.
  • What tools you can use.

This talk is based on the book  ‘FAKE IT – Your Online ID is Worth Gold’ written by Steffan Heuer and Pernille Tranberg in  2012.

Optimize your professional identity


Together with Steen Digital we offer a 3-hours talk/workshop where you learn to protect what you find private and to optimize your professional skills, so you get a better ‘Google-CV’ – meaning the first 3-4 pages when you google your name.

We talk at schools sponsored by LB Group. But we also talk for employees in companies, trade unions, organizations who want to help their staff become better at controlling their own data (and the company brand).

The talk will reveal lots of concrete cases and give an understanding of the data era, big data, data analysis and related tools.

For this you can get the privacy tools here and – if you speak Danish (we are working on funding for a translation) you can download this leaflet for free at