Data Ethics Review

A data ethical review may include a review of the company’s or organization’s use of the data on its websites and social media profile and address following areas:

  • Data control
  • Data storage
  • Cookies
  • Subcontractors
  • Protection the customers / users
  • Privacy Policy
  • External communication
  • Special focus on children

The review will look at your websites and social media appearance and list both challenges and possible solutions. Typically, we will involve following sections from the company/organization in indept interviews; Marketing, law, HR, communications and social media, business development, IT, Executive Secretariat.

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Customer Analysis

A company can do a lot with personal data and still comply with the law. But how will your customers react? How far will they go? Where are their creepiness line?
Get a report with an overview of current national and international surveys covering your industry on how consumers feel and act around their personal data. We develop a questionnairefor a potential new survey aimed at your customers and implement it with a research and insights company.

Customer Data Promise

Initially we do a workshop with a talk about consumer trends and best company cases in data ethics followed by a discussion on what data ethical issues your company faces.

If you want to continue, we dive into your existing way of handling personal data and deliver a report covering your possibilities and challenges, we deliver the best examples of customer data promises around the world, and a concrete draft for your company, which need to be discussed in a new workshop(s). When it is ready, it should be integrated into your existing privacy/data policy (which we can also help you develop/make better), and finally there is the question of communicating the results.

Ethics Screening Before Investing

Are you an investor and do you plan to invest in a company – be it an app or a website – who is dealing with personal data, it could be a good idea to get an ethics check and a risk assessment of the business model based on data. Are the entrepreneurs living up to the ethical and business criteria you have for your investments? If not it can harm your reputation or cost you a lot of money in the long run.

We do in-dept interviews with the entrepreneurs and their developers and research on ethical and unethical use of personal data and deliver a short report on following:

  •     an overview of possible (data) ethical risks
  •     a risk assessment of the business model based on data
  •     a list possible solutions, which will safeguard a (data) ethics solution

Why data ethics is good business?
Because your customers are distrusting many big data companies, and they have started to act against secret tracking with adblockers and fake data. Respect for privacy and the individual right to control data will be one of the most important competitive differentiators.

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Don’t risk your revenue, insights, reputation or your customers’ trust

Your data is your customers’ data. And your customers are more and more aware of the fact that relevant and rich services often come with a price; their privacy. Particularly the younger generation and the digital competent see their personal data as a value, they can deal with to get better products and services.
A company need to collaborate with their customers around their personal data and give them control in order to obtain increased digital trust and willingness to share true and updated data with the company.

Data ethics is more than compliance with relevant data protection laws. It is about listening to your customers and collaborating with them; where are their creepiness line? And is this something I myself would accept as a consumer? Is this something I want my children to grow up with?

Is your company ready to a future, where your customers have the control over their own data?
A few decades ago, environmental reporting was something quite new, and many companies did not take being ‘green’ very seriously. Being eco-friendly has become an investor demand, a legal requirement, a thriving market and a clear competitive advantage. Data ethics will develop similarly – just much faster.

Data ethical companies will differentiate themselves from their competitors.
We help you make privacy and data ethics a competitive advantage.