Search Engines (alternatives to Google and Bing)

  • Startpage from Holland (You get Google-results but you are anonymous, no tracking)
  • DuckDuckGo from the US  (No personal tracking but ads based on your searches)
  • Qwant from France (No personal tracking but ads based on your searches)
  • Hulbee from CH (No personal tracking but ads based on your searches)
  • Findx from Denmark (No personal tracking but ads based on your searches – will launch in May by Privacore)

Browsers (alternatives to Explorer, Chrome og Safari)

  • Firefox from Mozilla, US (best for privacy and third party extension)
  • TOR – the only true anonymous browser (it is a bit slower than other browser)

Blocking Tools (blocks cookies with third party extentions and some also ads)

  • (only for your computer)
  • Better from It is not an adblocker, but like it blocks third party / marketing cookies and malware and works at your mobile gadgets.
  • Disconnect Kids – find it in the app store
  • Adblockfast app (blocking ads and cookies on mobile – paid-for, very good)
  • Ghostery is a blocker on your computer and a browser on your mobile gadgets and you have to actively click on those you want to block (owned by a tracking company who will also let you opt-out of it)
  • PrivacyBadger

Turning off cookies in your browser is not enough. Neither is Incognito mode. It is just deleting web history.

Safe Chat and ‘skype’

  • Wickr (find it in the app store)
  • Signal (app store)
  • Textsecure for Android (app store)
  • Threema (cost money but German quality)

Facebook Messenger grabs all the data it can from you phone (did you see this funny short video). It is not privacy.


Trash and spam-email (to use when you just need one for e.g. a competition)

VPN-services (to decide your IP address yourself)

Encrypt Your Email

If you are using Gmail then install Mailvelope, a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that brings OpenPGP encryption to your webmail service. Similar extensions exist, such as SecureGmail, which encrypts and decrypts emails you send through Gmail. Using this extension means the unencrypted text should never reach Google servers. Recipients will need to install the extension in order to decrypt and read the encrypted email. You can use this for all your email services, if they are not automatically encrypted:

Cloud Service

Fitness tracking

Fertility tracking

Other Tips

  • Everything online is public. When social media tell you there are ‘privacy settings’, be sceptical. What they might talk about is ’social privacy’ – meaning that you can limit who of your friends see your posts (unless they share it on their public platform) but not the social media it self or its paying partners.
  • Don’t use the same password all over, get help from e.g. or 1password
  • Turn off wifi- bluetooth and the microphone as often as possible
  • Go through you apps and limit who has access to your microphone and location
  • Use a cam jammer – sticker on the cam
  • Install virus programs on all your devices
  • Make backups of you files
  • Always update programs when you are asked to
  • Https Everywhere Encrypts you traffic
  • – to find a good alias. It is not illegal to use more identities. But never take other people’s IDs – that is ID-theft

Delete your Facebook account. Log in and click

Remove URLs from Google – try here:

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