Photo by: Lovisa Inserra

Gry Hasselbalch

Gry Hasselbalch is an advisor on the social and ethical implications of technology. She is co-founder of the thinkdotank and co-author of DataEthics – The New Competitive Advantage.

When DataEthics Consulting uses Gry as sub-contractor it is often about children and artificial intelligence. Her past job was at the Media Council for Youth and Children, where she met Pernille and where they arranged crypto parties for kids in Denmark.

She lives in Rome and often speaks at international conferencens and events.  She is behind several reports, articles and studies and introduced ‘Privacy as Innovation’ in policy fora such as the UN Internet Governance Forum. Gry is an independent ethics expert for the European Commission Horizon2020, member of ISOCs ethical data handling expert group, and in the committee for privacy and personal data in the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in the Design of Autonomous Systems. Gry has an academic background in language, media, cultural theory and human rights law from University of Copenhagen and Goldsmith’s University, London.